iPad Air Pixelmator Template

Hi All,

Here is new design resource from us to simplify your design & development.

iPad Air is designed with vector shapes with Pixelmator technology for maximum quality for web design & development, iOS app design, Animation film design or any other media.



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Quick Utility Tip: Choosing right App Title or App Name for your next Apple iOS App. This Apple Numbers Spreadsheet Formula will help you to choose right title character count & word count.

Incase you are dreaming of launching new iOS App & you are imagining right combination of words for your iOS App Name then this Apple iWork Numbers Spreadsheet template will help you to count App Name character count with spaces & word count on the fly & without any extra effort.

iOS App Name Character & Word Count Utility

Importance: Choosing right number of characters with spaces for iOS App Name os crucial as numbers above 11 will get truncated. So maximum number that is allowed to get App Name Submitted & Approved by Apple is to have App Name Maximum of 11 characters or less.


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iPad mini Pixelmator Template made with vector shapes

Happy to announce that I have made another iPad mini Pixelmator template with vector shapes,

This template would be best fit for your web, app design & development projects or to do just mockups.

Template is highly scalable & resolution independent for your next big pixel perfect design project.

iPad mini Pixelmator Template

(Note: iPad mini Pixelmator Template uses Pixelmator’s ‘Vector Shapes’ technology)


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iPad 3rd Generation Pixelmator (.pxm) Template for iOS App User Interface design & Web Design Purposes (It is designed with Pixelmator vector shapes)


I am happy to share iPad Pixelmator Template which is designed with shapes & vector objects it is as scalable as vector drawings.

It would be best fit for designing for Web or iOS App User Interface Design in mind.

iPad 3rd Generation Pixelmator Template

(Note: iPad Template is designed with Vector Shapes)


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